Integrated Infrastructure Systems for 
Clean Water, Food, and Energy, Since 1990

Alliance BioConversions Company
In 2001, the World Bank 
cited topsoil depletion and deforestation as second only to clean water, as the greatest danger to the global economy and the planet. ABCC's BioSoils resolve these concerns by keeping farmers consistantly productive, with greater yields, on the same parcel of land - and BioFuels provide the fuel that also caused clear-cutting 
and erosion.   Grist magazine photo:
Proven in tests around the world, ABCC's private-label line of microbial and enzymic  "Vitaculture"  products are brewed and blended in the U.S., and approved by the EPA.

In ABCC's full MSW system, numerous beneficial, high-value products are produced: 
3 types of BioSoils; clean electricity; fish and livestock feeds; Spirulina and Chlorella algae for food processing and fuels; food-grade CO2  for the decaffination of coffee and tea, and brewing beer and soft drinks; pharmaceutical precursors; and so much more.

An alliance partner, 3F Inc, provides triple biofuels production! Fast and accurate site assessments, in-situ and ex-situ oil and chemical clean-up, metals reclaiming and the remediation of mine tailings, and even hazardous wastes disposal techs are available. 
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We take pride in our wide selection of quality products and services at the 
best prices available.

ABCC has worked with a number of solar designers, engineers, and electricians to install the best systems at the best prices. Solar and wind systems are 'grandfathered' in at lower prices with Uni-Solar laminates, PV panels, helix-type wind turbines, wiring, inverters, and  accessories. 

ABCC is taking green techs to the whole new level of sustainable, non-polluting, biomimicry sytems. Integrating green techs is ABCC's primary specialty. The name 'Alliance" was chosen to express this, and the alliances with other techs and local partners to provide  millions of green jobs. 
There are Water Purification units for individual sinks to whole-house systems which utilize Ozone, UV, and charcoal filters as well as Reverse Osmosis and the ponding systems.  This led to large-scale municipal systems and treatments which ABCC has proven at a number of wastewater treatment facilities in California. There are several sizes of Air-to-Water units... 
ABCC is a member of the International Chambers of Commerce (ICC) and was a hit at the inaugurations in Hong Kong and Shanghai.  ABCC makes vital systems far more accessible than today's conventional systems. We aim to implement these low-tech, low-cost, high-revenue green techs, and make them 
available locally and globally.

It takes 9 tons of petroleum to generate 1 ton of chemical fertilizer, or pesticide, or herbicide. This is a waste of a dwindling resource. Beneficial microbes  in BioSoils can make these pollutants unnecessary. Clean, healthy Food and Water can be available to all.

Alliance BioConversions Company 
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Clean Water Systems
The ABCC MIssion
To-Food Systems
Ultra-cool Metal Roofs and Uni-Solar laminates used for shade and power at the Emmys are for curved roofs, too! ABCC has resources for designers and contractors to build your green home or building from floors to rooftops.  Conservation is half-way to energy independence - so we have building systems; denim insulation with radiant barriers; sustainable forestry cabinets; and anything else you can think of that you'd like to install. ABCC passes its savings on to its clients.
Solar, Wind, 
and Green Building
Our teams have installed small residential systems to 1 or more Megawatts for big box buildings, both with PV panels and laminates. Also, small ground mounts to large arrays for farms and municipal utilities.
Helix-shaped windmills are bird and bat safe. Birds and bats are Nature's pest control, reducing Hanta Virus and West Nile Virus outbreaks and their frequency. Please, no more 
inefficient, killer propellers!
As seen near Shanghai, miles 
of polluted fish farms. Asia's fish and shrimp production is down 
to 40%! The Gulf of Mexico needs stocks. ABCC's techs for
Organic Aquaculture is in high demand. With ABCC systems and aeration advances, chemicals and diseases are eliminated.  Cleaning ponds are a thing of the past, stopping the contamination of wild stocks. Trawling, bycatch waste, and reef damage are rendered unnecessary. We can rebuild reefs and offer Oceans Harvest Eco-Seafood (c).
Whole-house RO, Ozone and UV Purifiers (left); and Cavitation systems (right) work on both a large and a small scale. Some units (below) can batch and treat contaminated ground water and purify wastewater at 1 Gallon Per Minute to 2500 GPM.
There are 7 methods of creating cellulosic biofuels, including Algaefuels. ABCC does not use 2 of them, because they utilize Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs). This is a way to monopolize the industry, and is unnecessary, expensive, and unproven as to safety. ABCC only uses naturally-occurring beneficial microbes in its proprietary blends.

There are numerous building systems - straw bale (above), extruded adobe, eco-cements for panel systems, Pre-fab building blocks, and a variety of others. All ABCC's facilities will be powered by our own renewable energy systems.
The 1st of ABCC's 5 cellulosic BioFuels are BioPellets(c) from green and wood wastes, for non-polluting boliers to replace coal. They provide heating, cooking, and energy fuel and prevent deforestation. Clean Air is also the result....!

ABCC has close ties to UCSD and its programs for Solar and Fuels.
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