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Alliance BioConversions Company
ABCC has been a member of the Bamboo Society of Bali, and a lifetime member of the Living Desert. ABCC donated over $1 million of biological pest control products (for Fire Ants and Cockroaches) to several foundations.

ABCC is happy to coordinate all of your related services and consult with you as to what is most appropriate for your tastes and situation. ABCC systems are modular, and able to suit any climate or locale.

ABCC's Oceans Harvest works in tandem with Coral Savers of Palau and Guardians of the Earth to save bleached, dying reefs with government sanctioned live grafts.  Sinji Chibana, coral saver, and oceans artist, Michael Glinski (above) celebrate CFP's many successes.    Guardians of the Earth
As with ABCC, many of our allied companies will dedicate their technologies to be implemented around the world with the Exemplar-Zero coalition. The Pacific Rim is our largest focus.
However, ABCC did join together with Exemplar-Zero to address the "Gusher in the Gulf" of Mexico in April of 2010. ABCC wrote and submitted White Papers for 8 technologies to be deployed. 
They included microbial methods for fast and efficient clean-up and saving wildlife. It is time to end the antiquated methods currently used. ABCC calculated that the Gulf could be restored in about 2 years, for far less than has been allocated already. 
Nat. Geo. photos, October, 2010.
and Shark Enterprises.

Our Solar Superman, Mark (the Shark) Suacci, utilizes his Contractors License with C10 Electrical designation (#937517) for the many projects on which we work.  He designs, engineers, and prepares proposals for Solar, and other ABCC projects. Mark was ranked #133 on the State of California's list of the top 2000 Solar businesses. We created Shark Enterprises for his new clamp, panel, and accessory designs, and planned manufacture. 

Mark trained ABCC and numerous other installers at Uni-Solar facilities. They are leaders in the US for solar laminates. Half their production goes to Germany to be used with metal roofs for systems (great for curved roofs!) that last many decades. Mark keeps up to date on equipment, innovation and legislation.
Please contact ABCC to support or participate in this vital work.

ABCC shares the deep concern over depleting wildstocks through over-fishing and reef damaging techniques. Even more threatening of total extinction is pollution, acidification, and contamination. Natural Gas is notorious for acidifying the oceans and poisoning water supplies by invasive 'Fracking" with toxic chemicals. Shale Oil is worse!

Deep water drilling taps Abiotic Oil which is the lubricant for the planet's Tectonic plates. ABCC thinks that such methods can trigger massive earthquakes such as those in Haiti and Japan.
These are dangers that threaten mass extinctions.      Nat.Geo. photo

ABCC is the holding company of all its technologies. It has kept all the data and records of its R&D and holds its systems as proprietary trade secrets. ABCC keeps patent records for its
innovations and systems. A Corporation is formed for each system to be funded. ABCC has worked with both private and government funding of projects.
One of the largest waste management engineering firms in the U.S. is URS Corporation, ABCC's Engineers of Record. They have submitted Letters of Feasiblity and Uniqueness, confirming our early tech claims as proprietary.

ABCC & colleagues at ecoTECH have accomplished a great deal in integrating hydroponic systems for organic food and fish in western Canada and Montana. They have a multi- million dollar contract to fulfill for a major supermarket chain.

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ABCC joined United Green (.org)to promote green techs throughout California. UG supports the efforts of the Surfriders, Baykeepers, and Riverkeepers to clean our waters. RFK, Jr. gave a barn-burner speech (and valuable legal information) at a UG conference at San Diego State University.

Most of ABCC's relationships last for decades, as with Jim Bell, a local Eco-economist, who calculated that if less than 28% of rooftops and parking structures had Solar, the entire City of San Diego would be energy independent. Long-term relations are kept with respected PhDs, Field-based experts, and serious authors in all aspects of green techs.
ABCC is part of a consortium of designers, engineers, and inventors to take green techs worldwide. Exemplar-Zero (E-Z) 
has the support of Heads of State and Ministers in over 100 countries. Much is developing in Bali, Indonesia, for E-Z projects. You will find ABCC and our allies on their website at:        Bali
                                        ABCC, and its 
                                        allies  and                                         colleagues, 
                                        solutions to our
                                        greatest climate, social, and health  challenges. 

A shared vision for China and Asia-Pacific led  Euro-China Group to promote ABCC techs through London-based Exemplar-Zero (above). ( Its President, former UN Ambassador, Prof. Siro Polo Padolecchia, has conferred life membership to ABCC in the highly esteemed Marco Polo Society.
ABCC has worked with the inventors of various parts of its Organic Fish Farming systems. They are always honored with inclusion in negotiations and operations. Most of the materials and equipment are off-the-shelf, except for ABCC's Vitaculture products, aeration, and waste systems. 
Think Globally, Act Locally seems to be ABCC's standard operating procedure. We are alumni and instructors in local universities and join with organizations and foundations in any way related to cleaning Water, Soil, and Air. 
   To encourage  a  quick transition to BioFuels 
from Wastes (not Food), 
ABCC joined with (For 
Fuel Freedom (3F Inc) to produce triple the amount of BioFuels from the same amount of feedstock. This brings the per gallon price to half of current gasoline costs. ALL the environmental and livelihood costs can be averted.
ABCC's group of green builders promotes building-integrated power. Bringing power to the people! ABCC will continue to work with the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB Green) and works with HBI, the Home Building Institute, to train urban and rural youth.  
Currently, each new home built produces 3 to 6 tons of wood wastes - perfect for the ABCC B&B facility. Think of converting all the wood wastes from hurricanes and tornados, keeping it out of the landfills! It certainly inspired our Eco-resorts' new building elements for Belize. The start of it all -
Solar, Wind, 
and Green Building
Clean Water Systems
To-Food Systems
The ABCC MIssion

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Here are just some of our most trusted allied companies.....
The world has been warned for years about "Cooking the Climate with Coal" (left), which can be replaced by BioPellets in
non-polluting boilers. The damage to oceans, rivers, and waterways by Oil and Gas is 
well-documented. These can be replaced by algae BioFuels for JP Jet Fuel, BioDiesel, and "Green Gas" - Endless Ethanol, from Endless Wastes (Not Food, like corn or sugarcane). 
   * It is UNNECSSARY to mine or drill for fuel. These green techs are especially good for developing 
nations as they 
are easy, low-
tech, low-cost,
   Even Germany is dismantling nuclear facilities and converting to pellets. The only possible use for nuclear power of any sort would be to deflect the inevitable asteroid. We can be energy independent at wartime speed, right NOW. It is time to fund and build these green technologies - NOW. The timing has never been better, or more critical. ABCC welcomes interest and investment from private and municipal entities.
It was the collaboration of the technologies from around the world (the US, Canada, Hungary) that enabled the formation of an E-Z Oil Spill Response Team that can operate anywhere. E-Z also has emergency housing and energy systems for disaster zones and remote locations.
As VIP Mentors, our personnel have promoted ABCC's 'Green Jobs Matrix' to be applicable to military bases, Veterans, prisons (and reduced recidivism), for training in green jobs. Provisioning gardens would reduce costs, and solar on bases would keep the US from funding terrorism through oil purchases. People vote with their wallets, so we offer green products (like non-VOC paints, stuccos and sealants) for every use.
Again - Energy, Like Food, is best generated (or conserved)closest to where it is utilized.
ABCC thinks that BioSoils will go a long way to reestablishing wildlands devasted by fire, flood, or fossil fuels. BioSoils need to be exchanged for the chemicals used currently, as well as using Probiotics in livestock feed, rather than Antibiotics.
ABCC BioPellets can replace coal and nuclear power generation. It is happening now in States like Vermont, and most pellets are going to Germany and Poland. It should be mandated in hurricane and tornado-prone States. 
   Nuclear power is by far the most deadly technology being deployed. To paraphrase Albert Einstein, it is the most costly,  inefficient, and dangerous way to  boil water!

Hurricane wood waste = BioPellets!

It is also illogical to sterilize our land (and create the "dead zones" in the Gulf) with toxic chemicals. It takes 9 tons of petroleum to make each ton of chemical fertilzer, pesticide, or herbicide. ABCC BioSoils can replace what is the very costly, UNNECESSARY, waste of an expensive resource.   BioSoils can also restore sterilized lands in 1 year, as opposed to 10 years, thereby adding 9 years of production! 
We take pride in our wide selection of 
quality products and services at the 
best prices available.

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Climate change must be addressed. Oil-eating microbes were shown to clean oily water in this National Geographic photo series in its August, 1993 issue, just months after they were proven to clean up after the Exxon-Valdez spill. Microbes work in the same way to clean soils. Simply put, good "bugs" can defeat bad "bugs" to  clean up 99% of all chemical & organic toxins!
ABCC has available, with signed Confidentiality and Non-Circumvention Agreements, Executive Summaries, Power Points, and Business Plans.