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The ABCC Mission  Tomas del Amo

Alliance BioConversions Company (ABCC) is the Holding Company for all the technologies of its own R&D and has long-standing affiliates with complimentary technologies. We have architects, contractors, solar engineers, electricians, installers, economists, and experts who have banded together to integrate technologies into complete full-circle, full-cycle, “biomimicry” systems. 

Below is our 1 Megawatt ground mount for a farm.
and Eco-Resorts -
ABCC began Eco-development in Belize, Central America. From building-integrated energy systems and green building materials, to edible landscaping and organic provisioning gardens, ABCC was first to develop bioconversion systems of wastes for energy and organic composts for a

300-acre Barrier Reef island

   & 700 acres of Rainforest.

ABCC Eco-Development can be customized for any community in any climate or location. 

ABCC developed its own private-label line of microbial products and invested in the development of aeration for organic fish farming systems. The strong demonstrations of increased yield and clean, healthy farms, led to successes in wastewater treatment, and cavitation technology. Biological and mechanical purification, rather than the use of toxic chemicals, is key.
Organic Fish Farming

Biological and Mechanical 
Water Systems -
With little or no modification to current facilities, 2 systems are combined for water purification in  community and municipal applicatons -  
   Ponding – Three microbially treated ponds are used which can completely purify water on a small scale. And,
   Cavitation – Powerful imploding oxygen bubbles break chemical bonds and make them inert, while destroying bacteria. It is a simple unit that can reduce costs and increase efficiency
There are individual and whole- house Ozone, UV, & RO units. 
For Clean Farms, Lakes, 
Waterways, and Ultimately, 
Clean Oceans.
After demonstrating ABCC’s systems in organic crop, livestock, and fish farming, as well as water treatment, ABCC was invited on Environmental Trade Missions sponsored by State and Federal, Trade and Commerce and EPA Departments. ABCC’s systems were approved by every main
agency throughout Asia and the Middle East. 
Even more concerning was the fragmented and polluting nature of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) disposal. ABCC integrated it’s many processes and signed US$100 million contracts in the Philippines and Dubai, UAE.

ABCC Combined 6 of its proprietary processes with 4 off-the-shelf equipment processes for the full MSW system. It then took 2 of the processes to create the ABCC BioFuels & BioSoils (B&B) system in California. 
ABCC bioconverts waste streams into revenue streams. 
Yes, ABCC bioconverts waste streams into revenue streams. In fact, ABCC contends that, “if you are burning or burying wastes, you’re burning or burying money!” Integrating processes and systems, especially low-tech, simple to use and repair systems, has been shown to have the most cost-effective, high-benefit, high-value results. 

BioSoil was delivered from a treated dairy to the premier organic farm in the country, the Nutrilite Farm.
People are drowning in wastes, and old-time methods continue to pollute. ABCC’s non-polluting methods provide a dual benefit of solving these massive problems while providing numerous, high-demand, high-value beneficial products - and energy independence! 

Pelletizing wood wastes to
replace coal is ABCC's 1st of 5
cellulosic BioFuels(c), and farm
wastes are treated to become
biologically active BioSoils(c).

Green Jobs for 
Energy Independence:

THE ALLIANCE FOUNDATION (TAF): ABCC will establish TAF as a non-profit organization which will utilize project facilities to train workers of all skill levels in environmental techs - Hands-on and classroom training to achieve certifications. ABCC believes this
is a growing area of employment opportunities. ABCC thinks that environmentally sound business decisions are financially sound business decisions, and ultimately, socially sound business decisions.

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ABCC has identified  80+ acres in the perfect location, with 3 wells, solar, and two 18000-sq.-ft. buildings, in San Diego County, California - for the ABCC BioFuels and BioSoils Farm, Inc. (B&B) project.